Shadows of Several Ages

Jacquard tapestry, 56 x 72 inches (142 x 182cm)

As part of the Lyon Biennial's Rendez-vous 15 at Institut d'Art Contemporain Villeurbanne/Rhone-Alps, September 9th 2015-November 8th 2015

Shadows of Several Ages is an altered reproduction of a tapestry made on a Jacquard loom that was once produced at the Royal Beauvais Manufactory by hand. It was woven on a Jacquard loom as a cipher for the past and future, since the loom’s invention in 1801 changed the trajectory of communication and image production, and was a precursor to the invention of computers and information technology. As an inverted working Photoshop file surrounded by a Baroque frame, it is a kind of material ghost of itself, tracing its method of production and reproduction as it comes full circle from object to static image and back again, it seemingly operates in the gap between present and future. 

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