Expert Witness

Cast ballistics gelatin with Adam’s rib uranium glass vase 18" x 14" x 8," Evidence Double I, II, III (Wells Fargo) pigment prints (2) 16" x 24" (1) 24" x 24," 10" x 72" uranium glass line-up pigment print 18” x 14” x 8,” Expert Witness book, full color offset, Riso/Letterpress BW cover, 48 pages, ed. of 50, Limited edition box of 7 including uranium glass and portable UV light. Installation dimensions variable.

Expert Witness book and edition can be purchased at Colpa Press

Expert Witness negotiates new terms for the ballistics testing of an Adam's rib uranium vase and begins by tracing its' production history as decorative glass to the more well known utilization of uranium in the military. The project then proceeds by drawing from the expert witnesses' protocols, exploiting what seem to be systemic loopholes, and repeating the logic of the expert witness that ultimately leads to a reversal of roles between bystander and witness. Through infiltrating this system of perceptual authority the project rapidly unpacks a complex web of seemingly improbable relationships, intertwined narratives and a body of evidence that doubles and serves to perpetuate a new set of historiographic narratives.

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