Eternal Enfolding

Nanostructured fused quartz disc etched with femtosecond laser, 2” x 2” inches

Eternal Enfolding is a growing archive of hundreds of creation myths collected from various sources over many years that are stored on a 5D eternal disc. With the help of scientists from the Optoelectrics Research Centre at the University of Southampton these myths have been etched onto nanostructured fused quartz with a femtosecond laser that will last billions of years. The project considers the growing field of intangible cultural heritage and the perplexing historical conundrums associated with organizations like UNESCO’s archives. The disc serves as an open platform to track how stories are passed down and undergo their own evolutionary cycles depending on the tellers and the time in which they are told. It considers these stories to be living entities embodied in an ever-expanding branching archive of their collection and dissemination, and they are stored on a disc with a 360-terabyte capacity allowing for an almost endless reconfiguration of varying stories of genesis that will track revisions and excisions by considering the time they might be told in. 

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