Entangled Becomings

27 x 37 inch Lightjet C-prints

Entangled Becomings is an AI trained pipeline that uses creation myths that are fed into a Natural Language Processor and result in dynamic illustrations that map language into aesthetic cosmologies. These cosmologies are in dialogue with a form of epistemology syncing language with quantified aesthetics that results in a kinship of networks that extend to animals and plants, wind and rocks, mountains and oceans.  They consider mutually intelligible discourses across image genealogies that are on the brink of an image, but like looking through a window with condensation accumulated on its surface they present their own allegorical frames for consideration.

Each image has been trained using different data sets to create their aesthetic cosmology. For instance, in Entangled Becomings (after Velazquez’ Rokeby Venus)  the Assyrian creation myth was the genesis of the image, but instead of illustrating a mother who recites an incantation and assembles fourteen wombs to give birth to seven males and seven females; a pastiche image of Velazquez’ Rokeby Venus is conjured, but haphazardly pieced together using a Greek statuesque head, the hint of flesh for a leg, a mirror in which no reflection is seen, and assembled within a forest setting. Each image is conjured from a new text based data set that drives the resulting image many times with results occupying something between being a photograph and an illustration. Through using a computer vision pipeline to create a non-ocular image set, the process of their representation as chromogenic prints returns them to the realm of lens-based production.

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