Anomalous Divinations

Divination I: text to video synthesis, 00:01:39
Divination II: text to video synthesis, 00:02:05

Anomalous Divinations is composed of a series of animations made from a text to video AI pipeline. Each animation consists of creating an animation using aggregates of creation myths from around the world. Its representations are driven by text based aggregates of creation myths spanning creator, creator through emergence, creation from world parents, creation from cosmic egg, Earth diver, and creation from corpse reanimation thereby attempting to conjure the emergent aesthetics of collective cosmologies.

Divination I conceives of a sentient entity across time with a ghostly womb that dreams of itself moving between the present and the skeletal remains of a creature from the Mesozoic era. 

Divination II is a sequence of the Venus of Willendorf gazing at their image in a room of mirrors. The Venus then imagines itself as an unidentifiable organ. The alien organ moves through time evolving into a spectral presence reminiscent of Georgione and Titian’s Venus. 

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